Friday, 7 April 2017

Water Voles are like buses. You wait for ages and two come along at once

27th March 2017

I had gone down to the River Beane in Hertford to look for Kingfishers, but no luck. As I was standing there very patiently I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. There was a large rodent of some sort, either a Brown Rat or a Water Vole shuffling its way along the margin of the far bank, sometimes taking to the water to avoid obstacles. A quick squint through the bins revealed it to be a Water Vole, the first I have seen here.

I then went on to Rye Meads to try for some Kingfishers there and joined the throng of Kingfisher addicts in the aptly named Kingfisher Hide. And did I photograph some Kingfishers? Yes I did, but more of that on the next post. However, on the way back I was just crossing the bridge over the stream when once again I detected a small movement on the far bank. I froze and waited to see what happened next and guess what?..............ANOTHER WATER VOLE!!!!

How good is that!!!

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