Tuesday, 4 April 2017

A Visit to Lakenheath Fen and Lackford Lakes

25th March 2017

Still a bit inbetween times with many of the winter visitors gone and only a few summer migrants having arrived, but worth a look at both Lakenheath and Lackford to see what was happening. First stop at Lakenheath is always the veranda by the visitor centre overlooking the pond where the feeders attract a procession of birds all waiting to have their photo taken. The feeders are surrounded by bushes, trees and reeds so therefore plenty of opportunities to get some shots without the clutter of the feeders themselves. Reed Buntings are always the first in the queue.

This time of year is by far the best for photographing Wrens, as when they start singing they are quite oblivious to anything else.

But the main attraction today was the appearance of a couple of Goldfinches which looked absolutely resplendent in the sunshine.

Very quiet elsewhere with no sign of any Bitterns or Cranes and just a handful of Marsh Harriers wafting around over Joist Fen. In fact the only entertainment was this male Stonechat which was performing well on the river bank.

Also fairly quiet at Lackford Lakes although this cracking male Pied Wagtail was strutting its stuff in the overflow car park.

Down by our favourite Chiffchaff spot next to the double-decker hide a small group of Long-tailed Tits were moving through, but quite tricky to get an unobscured view.

But the stars of the show as always here were the newly arrived Chiffchaffs which were belting out their song in the many leaf-less trees. So make the most of it before the trees green up.

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