Monday, 10 April 2017

Kingfishers at Rye Meads

27th March 2017

I thought I would pop down to Rye Meads before the Kingfisher season proper gets underway and the Kingfisher Hide gets full to the gunwales with Kingfisher addicts. The pair are now showing an interest in the nest and are in and out preparing for egg-laying and some mating has been witnessed. On the human front there is already some interest in the proceedings, but still fairly comfortable when I was there. Certainly a place to avoid when they are feeding young.

Both birds put in an appearance when I was there but it was the male that was on show for most of the time and when the female did return to the pond, she was normally perched on the far side and obscured by trees. I did, however, manage to get a few shots of the male.

That'll do nicely!!

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