Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Another Trip to Abberton for the Osprey

22nd August 2015


The long-staying Osprey was still at Abberton so off for another visit in the hope of getting some more photos. When I arrived at 10.15am the bird was sitting in its favourite tree at the western end of the reservoir. Unfortunately, I then learned that it had caught a very large fish at 6.30am, so it could be several hours before it needed to hunt again. However, no problem as there is usually something to photograph at Abberton whilst waiting.

On a nearby island on the eastern side of layer Breton causeway a couple of eclipse male Red-crested Pochard were loafing around barely able to stay awake, whilst at the other end by the outlet from the weir, a Heron was standing watching the world go by after a successful morning fishing.

There were a number of Ruff present but unlike last year they were keeping their distance on the second bank out. It was possible to get photos but really just too far for a decent shot. But then late afternoon one of the birds did venture on to the causeway bank and allowed a sequence of shots to be taken. All you need is patience.

But the stars today were the Yellow Wagtails that were running around on the concrete banks of the causeway. These could lead you a right old dance as they scurried along, running much of the time, only to be obscured by vegetation when they did eventually stop to feed. But just as I was thinking of calling it a day a rather smart adult decided to feed at the clear top of the bank just a few feet from the chain link fence. Due to the acute angle with the fence I was mostly hidden and just had to lean out over the fence as it continued to run towards me. How good is that?

So what happened with the Osprey? Well it sat in its tree all morning and most of the afternoon but then at 3.30pm it took to the sky, but instead over hunting over the reservoir west of the causeway or flying over the causeway it flew along the northern marginal trees and headed straight towards the visitor centre and still hadn't returned a half an hour later at which point I left for home.

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