Friday, 4 September 2015

.........and now on to the beach


16th August 2015

After a most successful morning at Titchwell reserve, now on to the beach to see what that has to offer. Surprisingly for this time of year the beach was almost devoid of people and birds......and even dog walkers. So what was going on? We made our way down to the water's edge and the the first subject for a few shots was this Curlew. Curlews can be variable in how close they will let you get, but this one seemed fairly accommodating.

Since the increase in the number of Little Egrets in the UK, I suppose one mustn't be too surprised to see  a similarly increasing number on our beaches. This one flew in as I was standing there and then proceeded to dance around providing some great shots.

I suppose the one thing that surprised me most of all today was this Great Black-backed Gull which was sitting at the water's edge. I crept forward for a shot and only then realised just how small a Curlew and Little Egret were by comparison. Quite a staggering difference.

At that point in time a small flock of one of my favourite waders, the Sanderling, flew in and proceeded to scurry around at the water's edge in front of me. Sadly, I had missed summer plumage and these birds were all in their intermediate summer/winter plumage. Still great fun to watch and I even managed a flight shot.

The one thing that Fowlmere and Titchwell have in common is that when things go a little quiet there are always the aeroplanes to watch. This one is a De Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth II which purred its way along the beach.

But now the stars of the day. I often photograph Turnstones, which are always so confiding allowing some very close range shots. However, they are always in winter and therefore in their more sombre brown plumage. However today the birds were in their transitional plumage and therefore still sporting a great deal of chestnut on the mantle. What a fantastic way to end the day!!

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