Saturday, 28 March 2015

Early Spring - Time for a Visit to Abberton

13th March 2015

The two causeways were desperately quiet with most of the winter visitors already departed and the spring migrants yet to arrive. What was very noticeable, however, was that the main reservoir was now totally full and even from the Layer de la Haye causeway you could see that the water was just feet away from the hides. This will be fantastic for photography during migration. So on to the reserve itself to see what was about.

From the Island Hide, with the water just 10 yards way, a Pied Wagtail was strutting his stuff and allowing several shots to be taken. Just imagine what this hide is going to be like when waders are on spring and autumn passage.

Walking to the new hide overlooking the bay by the old visitor centre a female Reed Bunting appeared from the grass and sat obligingly in one of the newly planted trees. The birds here always seem quite approachable and this bunting was no more than 10 yards away and sat there for several minutes.

The water is even closer to the new hide being just 3-4 yards outside the window. The only teething problem here is that the disabled ramp to the door of the hide takes you above the screening which explains why there were no birds right in front of the hide. However, there was a gathering of Shoveler to the right, all engaged in much flying around and displaying

As I left the hide a rather startled Meadow Pipit flew out of the grass where it had been feeding and sat in a bush wondering what I was up to. Once again this bird was no more than 10 yards away and stayed for several minutes. I like this place!!

But the stars of the show today were the Sky Larks which were everywhere, in the car park, on the trails, in front of the hides and in the air. What a superb day and I am looking forward to many more days here during the migration period when birds will be queuing up outside the hides.

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