Monday, 30 March 2015

A Second Visit to Gunners Park for the Serins

17th March 2015

My first visit to Gunners Park in Shoeburyness was on the 4th February 2015. The visit was successful in that I managed to see and photograph the two male Serins present but although the light was good, the shots were a little distant and therefore with considerable room for improvement.

When I arrived on site I was rather surprised to find that I was the only one there but based on the latest information provided by Paul Rowe I knew the right area and half an hour later I was able to locate a single bird feeding in amongst the seeds at the top of the bank, which then conveniently flew up into one of the newly planted trees by the new housing estate before flying away towards the Parrot Crossbill Corsican Pines.

It or the other bird returned to the same area about an hour later and this time I was able to photograph it feeding on the ground at ranges down to just four yards albeit rather buried in vegetation. Much better photos than last time so well worth the visit.

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