Thursday, 26 March 2015

A Spring Visit to Rainham Marshes

11th March 2015

Still a bit early in the season so likely to be a bit quiet as confirmed by Howard. While I was talking to Howard a female Blackcap was busy feeding on the apples put out in the bushes near the picnic table so that was my first port of call. Despite being assured by Howard that it returns "every few minutes" I sat there for twenty minutes without a sign so moved on to the feeders.

Here there was a lot more activity with the added advantage that the birds were used to people and came fairly close. The Starlings were dominating the feeders and sat proudly on the branches above the feeders quite happy to have their photo taken. One or two Goldfinches were attracted to the sunflower hearts on offer and seemed detremined to pose in the sunshine.

Time now to do the circuit and this Meadow Pipit was quite obliging despite preferring to sit on the electric fence rather than a more natural setting.

Round at the feeders by the cordite store woodland, I was more than happy to take the weight off my feet and sit on the wooden bench waiting for the birds to come to me. I certainly didn't have to wait long before this Reed Bunting settled on a convenient branch and took a good look round before dropping on to the feeders.

Brown Rats are always present at the feeders at Rainham and are treated, not as a nuisance, but as a natural part of our flora and fauna, and quite right too. However today the star of the show was this Great Tit which not only came close but also posed on the branch for a photo with a blurred-out background. MAGIC!!

Never know quite what is going to be on show at Rainham.

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