Thursday, 29 May 2014

Mission to Photograph the Ravens at Sandy

14th May 2014

I had put a note in the diary for the 6th May that the Ravens at Sandy should have hatched and hopefully both parents and young would still be around the nest and therefore easier to photograph. In the event I was about a week late but still thought it was worth a visit. This time I took the anticlockwise route and eventually arrived at the nest site and could immediately hear the young calling. So far so good. I then walked round to the other side of the trees to get the sun behind me.

Nothing to do now but wait. The Ravens were calling somewhat intermittently and mostly deep in the foliage at the top of the trees. What I could also hear was a Hobby kee-keeing behind me. No sign of the bird but eventually the call transferred to my right and I was able to see the Hobby perched in a dead tree, sadly a little too far way but near enough for a few record shots.

Eventually the Ravens became a littler more active and started sitting around at the tops of the trees. Contrary to popular belief, the best photos were taken when the sun was in, because when the sun was out the birds were particularly shiny.

Mission accomplished.

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