Monday, 2 June 2014

Let's give the Macro Lens an Outing

15th May 2014

It was a nice sunny day and as I was staring into the garden pond I noticed a few insects flying so time to break out the macro lens. This would be the first time I had tried it out in earnest so I searched round for my first subject. Almost on cue a hoverfly appeared and landed on a leaf of Marsh Marigold. A quick flick through the book revealed that this was Helophilus pendulus, my third hoverfly species.

The only dragonfly flying around the pond this early in the season is the Large Red Damselfly. On such a warm day there were a few wafting around the pond and a few pairs ovipositing. This particular individual was settled away from the pond on the Choisya Sundance bushes that line the fence. The yellow leaves and the white flowers provided a nice back-cloth to this vibrant species.

But the jewel in the crown today was this Rose Chafer which was also enjoying the Choisya. Rose Chafers are fairly uncommon in Hertfordshire but for some reason are particularly common in Hertford itself, and we get several in the garden each year.

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