Tuesday, 27 May 2014

And now Fingringhoe Wick for Nightingales

6th May 2014

Our trip to Fishers Green produced a number of loud and close singing Nightingales but sadly no photo opportunities. However, last year Fingringhoe Wick not only produced singing Nightingales but a number of sightings and a couple of birds singing in the open. Unfortunately, despite a nice sunny day the birds were few and far between and very subdued suggesting that they had arrived early and were already nesting.

In fact the only bird that was at all cooperative was this Garden Warbler. Garden Warblers, it would appear, are like buses. I have been photographing birds for nearly three years now and it was only yesterday at Fishers Green that I photographed my first Garden Warbler, so after three years two come at along at once.

At that point a purring sound alerted us to a nearby Turtle Dove which we eeventually found in a dead tree in the distance. However, by changing tracks we were able to approach reasonably closely for a shot. Fingringhoe is now about the only place I know where you stand a chance of seeing one of these once common but now very scarce birds.

A call in to Abberton on the way back rewarded us with some close-ups of a Sky Lark perching on the fence posts in the car park. Not the most natural of settings but probably the closest I have ever managed to get so far.

 These two shots were of another Sky Lark along one of the trails.

Looks as though the Nightingales will have to wait until next year.

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