Thursday, 12 July 2018

An Afternoon with the Kingfishers at Rye Meads

28th June 2018

The Kingfishers at Rye Meads are now on their second brood of the season, so time to pop down to see how they are doing. At the Draper Hide the water levels are still very high so no mud and no waders, but still a few photographic subjects.

As is usual these days, the whole scrape had been commandeered by Black-headed Gulls which had produced several brown chicks. A few years ago, most of the chicks would have been Common Terns.

The Tufted Ducks had also been successful with a couple of broods in front of the hide, but the surprise today was the presence of a female Pochard and her brood. Here one of her brood is giving me a salute.

Now on to the Kingfisher Hide to see how the Kingfishers are getting on. The female was still sitting on eggs which were due to hatch any day now, so not too much activity, but the male did bring in a few fish during my stay.

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

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