Saturday, 2 June 2018

Another Visit to Lakenheath Fen

24th May 2018

One of the best things about Lakenheath is that you are never there that long before you are able to add an Eagle to your day list!!

Very quiet today at New Fen with just a few Great Crested Grebes posing for photographs, but typically the mother with young on her back stayed on the far side.

Further up the track the Hobbys were once again performing well hunting overhead along the tree-line, with many pit-stops to re-charge the batteries.

.........and even Hobbys have to have a scratch now and again.

Now into the Mere Hide in the hope of catching the resident Bittern. While we were waiting a male Marsh Harrier kept us entertained with an impromtu display out of the west-facing window, but then the moment we were all waiting for.

The Bittern could be seen shuffling around in the reeds opposite, but at first was somewhat reluctant to come out. It then proceeded to move slowly east and eventally became more visible as it entered a thinner patch of reeds. It was never in full view but still fairly showy as Bitterns go, and the fact that its body was somewhat obscured did give me the oppotuniy of a head shot.

Quite pleased with that!!!!

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