Sunday, 11 June 2017

Hobbys and Woodlarks in The Brecks

13th May 2017

Time for a visit to The Brecks and the first stop was Lakenheath Fen to photograph the Hobbys. While we were waiting for it to warm up a bit and for the Hobbys to start flying, a lone male Reed Bunting kept us amused at the New Fen viewpoint. Can't beat a Reed Bunting on a Phrag head.

Along the railway on the way to Joist Fen, a Garden Warbler was having a break from singing and feeding, and sat motionless in an Elder allowing a few shots to be taken.

There were about 15 Hobbys flying at Joist Fen, but all down the far end and therefore far too far away for photographs. However, back at New Fen, although there were only six birds, they were flying much closer and occasionally come close to the footpath allowing some great oppotunities.

After flying endlessly for over an hour one of the birds settled in the poplars by the path allowing some close-ups to be taken.

On now to Santon Downham to try our hand at some Wood Larks. I have been trying a likely-looking area for several years without any luck, but time to give it another go. As we were walking down the track a rather tame Carrion Crow was enjoyng a rather juicy wasp.

We had walked almost the entire length of the site when two larks flew up from the grass, but the call quicly identified them as Sky Larks. However, on our return journey four birds flew up silently and flew to the other side of the track allowing us to pin-point their position. A stealthy approach allowed us to get amazingly close to these Wood Larks, nearer than you can normally get with Sky Larks, and take a number of close-up shots.

One of the identification criteria for Wood Larks is that the eye-stripes, or supercilia, meet behind the head, and this feature can be seen on many of the photos.

Another fantastic day in The Brecks, which always provides some great opportunities.

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