Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Any Migrants at Landguard Point?

10th May 2017

Of course the real reason for going to Landguard Point this morning was to try and see the Great Reed Warbler that had been present for a couple of days, but it had already departed and gone to Thetford!! So time for a leisurely stroll along the beach to see what else was on offer.

There was a fair amount of activity around the bushes on the beach and today the large number of Robins had been replaced with Dunnocks. In fact, we only saw one Robin all today. The other resident, the Linnet, was also numerous, with several pairs flying round looking for prospective nest sites. The males were absolutely stunning.

Due to the lack of rain for several weeks now the lichen on the foreshore was absolutely parched and was giving off a vicious heat-haze. This Ringed Plover was taken at just 20 yards and is the first time that I have ever seen heat-haze showing up in my photos at this sort of range.

In terms of migrants, the first to appear was this female Whinchat which was a bit flighty, but did eventually settle for a few shots. Rather more obliging were the Wheatears which, like the Ringed Plovers, also got a bit lost in the heat-haze.

The Landguard habitat is also home to a good population of Whitethroats which with a little perseverance can usually be coaxed into posing for a few shots

But the star of the the show today was this cracking male Ring Ouzel which spent most of its time hidden away under the numerous bramble bushes. Eventually, when things quitened down a bit, it did emerge to feed in the open, but only long enough for a couple of shots to be taken.

What a superb day!!

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