Thursday, 2 February 2017

Goosanders at Ashley Pit

18th January 2017

After a fantastic morning watching and photographing the Waxwings at Cheshunt, time to pop down to Ashley Pit, formerly Turnford Marsh, in the Lea valley to see if there are any Goosanders. Goosanders have been using this lake every winter for some years now but are sometimes hard to photograph as, for some reason, they are always on the far side of the lake!

When I have been before there are normally 5-7 birds present, but today there were 20+ all huddled together in a small area of ice-free water towards the northern end of the pit. Being confined in a relatively small area resulted in a fair amount of chasing around which had the effect of distracting them so that they were not at all concerned about my presence.

If only it was always this easy!!

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