Monday, 30 January 2017

Waxwings at Cheshunt

18th January 2017

There were plenty of Waxwings in the north of England this winter, but it wasn't until the New Year that they started to move south, and the first sizeable flock to reach Hertfordshire was at Cheshunt. They were located at the busy junction of Church Lane and High Street and for much of the time were perched high up in the trees away from the traffic and pedestrians.

But every now and again hunger would take over and they drop down to the Rowan trees by the side of the road and grab a few berries before they were flushed once again by passing traffic, or in one instance a squad car with its Waxwing scarer blaring away.

What a great way to spend the morning, and now on to the Lea Valley for some Goosanders.

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