Monday, 19 December 2016

The First Smew of the Winter at Amwell

5th December 2016

The forecast was for sun until early afternoon so time for a quick visit to Amwell to what was around. The smaller bodies of water were frozen over as expected, including the pool in front of the James Hide. However, I was surprised to see that the Lee Navigation was about 70% ice.

The Bittern had been seen on the Bittern Pool earlier in the morning when it caught a large Tench. Unfortunately this meant that it was probably hunkered down in the reeds somewhere sleeping it off, because it certainly didn't show for over an hour. However while I was waiting a Redwing was feeding on a nearby Hawthorn and provided a couple of shots, my first of the winter.

But the bonus today was that the first Smew of the winter, a red-head, had appeared at Tumbling Bay. Unfortunately it was a long way down and tucked in to the trees on the left hand side, so involved a slow and patient approach through a tangle of trees to get a glimpse. What a great couple of hours.

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