Monday, 2 November 2015

A Juvenile Rough-legged Buzzard at Holland Haven

23rd October 2015

A juvenile Rough-legged Buzzard had been reported at Holland Haven which unlike many RLBs was visible for most of the time and at times very close, therefore too good to resist. When I arrived outside the main hide I could see the bird sitting on a post some way away to the right. I therefore decided to walk along the path to the other hide until I came to a gap in the brambles where I could take a few distant shots, including a couple of action shots.

At that point it flew to the sea wall and disappeared, presumably sitting on another post out of view. I made my way up to the sea wall and walked along to the point where it had disappeared and there it was, sitting on a post at the base of the bank. I edged forward taking shots as I went and eventually got with 25 yards of this most magnificent bird.

At that point it launched itself off the post and went for a fly round providing some great opportunities for some fly-by shots.

But the best was yet to come when it gradually edged its way along the sea wall, hovering every now and then looking for prey in the long grass. How good is that?

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