Thursday, 16 July 2015

SUCCESS at last with the Rainham Marshes Bearded Tits

18th June 2015

After being stuck on the M25 for an hour I was in need of some luck and therefore pressed straight on to the dragonfly pools in the hope that the Beardies would today be a little more cooperative. It wasn't long before some pinging drew my attention to one particular section of the pools and a couple of juveniles clambered to the top of the reeds for some photos.

Eventually one particular individual, a juvenile female, came much closer and actually perched on one of the metal dragonfly sculptures in the dragonfly pools. How fantastic to see them so close and settled.

A Sedge Warbler had obviously been watching this and thought he would have a go on the cat-walk in front of all the photographers.

At that point a juvenile male took over and posed for even more photos.

Sadly the only sightings of any adults were fleeting glimpses as the rushed in to feed the juveniles and then rush out again. But the lasting memory of the day was when a couple of juveniles, a male and a female, were feeling a little insecure and cuddled up to each other waiting for their next feed. What a fantastic day!!

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  1. Excellent stuff as always Alan, I went the following week and got the same shots, sort of, again the adults were conspicuous by their absence. Keep them coming, see you soon!