Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Another Try for the Beardies at Rainham Marshes

11th June 2015

The young Bearded Tits at Rainham should all have hatched and fledged by now so time for another attempt to get some photos. I had hardly left the ramp outside the visitor centre when I was confronted by a very vocal Sedge Warbler, which was so engrossed in his song that he seemed oblivious to my presence allowing me to get within 8 yards.

Just a short way further on by the Purfleet Hide a Wren had similar ideas. In fact it was singing so intently that it sung itself to sleep!!

Continuing on along the track what was noticeable compared to my last visit was the increase in insect life, particularly butterflies and dragonflies. The first one to pose was a Large Skipper, my first for the year, quickly followed by a Black-tailed Skimmer and a Four-spotted Chaser. Always nice to have some variation from birds.

As for my last visit the Redshanks were keeping an eye out for potential threats to their chicks and spent most of the time patrolling the area, calling as they went. When the danger had passed they returned to their electric anti-fox fence to check on the wiring.

Unfortunately, mainly due to the stiff breeze, there were only a couple of Bearded Tits showing rather badly deep down in the vegetation so I continued on the the Butts Hide. Just as well I did as just outside on the bramble was a family of Linnets with some affording good views. This young one was particularly tame.

But the star of the show today was the cracking male that eventually put in an appearance to show off all his summer finery. What an absolute beauty!!

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