Sunday, 26 April 2015

Another Attempt at the Amwell Black-necked Grebes

15th April 2015

You may recall that on my last visit to Amwell to photograph the pair of Black-necked Grebes that had arrived there I was somewhat distracted by this little fella. Just as well, as on that particular evening the grebes were fairly distant and in rather poor light.

This evening there was no such activity in front of the viewpoint, just a couple of Snipe probing in front of the mud. Also, just down the lane my old mate Ron Cousins found this rather fine Whitethroat in the hawthorn hedge, which after a little patience allowed a shot to be taken.

So what of the Black-necked Grebes? Well this evening they were really on form and came quite close to the bay to the right of the viewing ramp in superb light and provided a number of opportunities, provided that you could find a gap in the hedge and the Phragmites bed. SUPERB!!!

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