Thursday, 23 April 2015

A Spring Visit to Abberton Reservoir and Fingringhoe Wick

14th April 2015

I t was a lovely sunny day so time for a visit to Abberton, followed by Fingringhoe. Abberton is normally our breakfast call when visiting this part of Essex and today was no exception. The main reason for coming to Abberton today was hoping to connect with some migrants particularly Yellow Wagtails, which love the Layer Breton causeway at this time of year. Unfortunately today, the only Yellow Wagtail that we heard and saw was a singleton flying along the causeway and disappearing into the distance.

In fact the only birds frequenting the banks of the causeway were Pied Wagtails, of which there must have been a dozen or so. Even they are starting to look smart in their breeding attire. Then, as if by magic, a female Wheatear dropped out of the sky and landed on one of the concrete posts right next to us. Unfortunately, it spent most of its time with its back to us, but did eventually look round for just one shot before flying off high.

Then on to the reserve with the main objective of checking out the new hides where the water is lapping just outside. Sadly no birds in front of the hides, but on our way round the circuit we did manage to photograph a rather tame Red-legged Partridge and a number of Sky Larks, of which there were plenty.

So now on to part 2 of the trip with a visit to Fingringhoe in the hope of seeing some Nightingales while the bushes were still without leaves. Rather surprisingly, despite frequenting the normally popular picnic area and surrounds for a couple of hours we didn't even hear a Nightingale, let alone see one. But we were rewarded with some views of a couple of Blackcaps and a Chiffchaff by way of compensation.

So back to Abberton for just one more look before heading for home.........BUT WAIT!!! The causeway was now alive with Yellow Wagtails and many quite close in, feeding on the high-up grassy banks rather than the more distant concrete water's edges. What a result and a fantastic end to the day.!!!!

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