Friday, 13 March 2015

No Ravens or Wood Lark but..........

27th February 2015

Time for a visit to Sandy as the Ravens should be showing some sign of nesting activity and could even be on eggs. However, a walk around the New Heath produced no sign of singing Wood Larks and when we got to the pine forest, so sight or sound of the Ravens. I have since found out that, although the Ravens are still being seen, their sightings are widespread and therefore difficult to know precisely what they are up to.

So back to the Meadow Hide to see what was on offer there. First in the queue was this confiding Robin, which always seem to pose for a photograph. Perhaps they think it is always Christmas?. Out on the far pool the Blue tits were queuing up for The Lodge Communal Baths. I could never have got that shot with my old camera.

Elsewhere this Blackbird and Mallard were providing the entertainment, whilst this Muntjac appeared in the wings, with no intention of going centre stage.

Magpie, Red-legged Partridge and Stock Dove also provided some interest and Sandy is by far the best site I know for photographing these species. I am thinking of re-naming the Stock Dove as the Pastel Dove as their colouration is quite remarkable, and they are a dove that is totally under-rated and frequently over-looked as a Wood Pigeon.

But the star of today was the single female Great Spotted Woodpecker which visited the feeders a few times, but no sign of the male, so don't know what is going on there.

Well, another great visit to The Lodge Sandy. I didn't see othe target birds but a super day nonetheless, and plenty of photographs to look pore over.

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