Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Day 1 of our Norfolk Tour - Lynford Arboretum

5th March 2015

Stuart had some annual leave left over so we decided to go on a 2-day tour of North and North-west Norfolk. Our first coastal destination was Cley so we stopped off at Lynford Arboretum for some breakfast and hopefully a glimpse of the Hawfinches. There was quite a lot of activity around the feeders, but luckily some seed had also been put on the ground and therefore it was possible to take some photos without the usual ironmongery.

Not surprisingly most of the birds present were tits and the Coal Tits were the only ones that seemed as much at home on the ground as on the feeders and therefore had the most photographs taken. Nuthatches were also very much in evidence and also provided some opportunities.

Siskins were also coming down to drink as well as to feed on the ground including this rather smart male.

But in the absence of any Hawfinches, the stars of the show today were three female Bramblings which appeared from nowhere and were enjoying the free meal.

A single Hawfinch did eventually put in an appearance but was about as far away down the ride as possible and always partially obscured so no photos were possible. However, otherwise a very successful stop-off and now on to see what Cley has to offer.

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