Friday, 12 December 2014

Winter Thrushes and Bullfinches at Fowlmere

5th December 2014

It's turning colder now at last so time for a visit to Fowlmere to see what the weather has brought in. From the moment I stepped out of the car it was evident that there were hundreds of winter thrushes feeding on the remaining Hawthorn berries in and around the car park and visitor centre, but first a walk down the boardwalk to see what was around the mere.

Three young Muntjacs were chasing each other around totally oblivious to my presence and sometimes coming to within 10 yards. Unfortunately, such a close approach was not that helpful from a photography point of view as they zoomed past and then came to a halt in the vegetation. However, I did manage to get a couple of reasonable shots.

But now back to the reserve entrance to try my luck with the winter thrushes. A gathering of Blackbirds were working their way through the Ivy berries, but the Redwings and Fieldfares were concentrating on the Hawthorn berries, often perching high in the trees when disturbed.

I then popped into the Drewer's Hide just in case a Kingfisher or Water Rail was on show. Basically, I have never seen anything from this hide and today was no exception until, that is, a cracking male Bullfinch flew in and started feeding on the remains of some brambleberries. What a fantastic way to end the day!!

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