Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Tales of the River Bank - Pipits and Chats at Rainham Marshes

6th December 2014

Time for another visit to Rainham Marshes and this time with high tide at 12.30pm, just right to start the day by looking for pipits on the tide wrack.  No visit to Rainham is complete without first photographing the lovely House Sparrows which are either in the car park or on the brambles by the river wall. This time we managed a few shots whilst having some breakfast. Even the dull females are a fantastic start to the day.

On our way down to the best spot for pipits on the river wall we passed a bush with a Dunnock taking in the sunshine and was in a particularly photogenic mood. Also on display were a pair of Stonechats although, as is often the case, the male was quite flighty and nowhere near as confiding as the female.

We were now approaching the pipit hotspot and a dozen teal were already taking advantage of the seed washed up in the wrack. Fortunately they were joined by  a number of pipits, both Meadow and Rock, although unfortunately today no Waters. I am not sure quite what it is about this place that makes the pipits so confiding, sometimes approaching to within just 10 yards.

Meadow Pipits

Rock Pipits

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