Monday, 17 November 2014

A detour to Titchwell whilst on would be rude not to!

1st November 2014

We were in Norfolk for a family catch-up weekend when my lovely wife Jenny suggested a trip to Titchwell. would be rude not to accept, and within ten minutes we were there. I had not planned any more trips to Titchwell this year and was wondering whether there would be much left to photograph. I shouldn't has worried. We weren't going to have time to go all the way to the beach, but it didn't matter because the footpath and the Parinder Hide were packed with goodies.

Not surprisingly there were lots of Brent Geese commuting from the freshmarsh to the salt marsh, all uttering their amazing gutteral call note. Black-tailed Godwits were also on duty close in to the footpath and, although I have taken 100s of shots of these superb birds, I can never resist taking a few more.

A lone Redshank was also feeding nearby, but the biggest surprise of all was a Curlew which was feeding within 30 yards, which is most unusual. Normally they are fairly obscured at long distance on the salt marsh or miles away on a spit on the freshmarsh. So this particular individual, although disappearing down creeks occasionally, was an added bonus. Along the footpath a Reed Bunting  suddenly flipped into view and perched on a Phragmites head in a beautiful natural pose.

A quick visit to the Parinder Hide produced some great opportunities for some shots of Shoveler and Snipe, but the medals today must go to the Teal and Wigeon which were both looking resplendent in the autumn afternoon sun.

What a fantastic day, and a great thank you to Jenny for insisting we go to Titchwell to buy yet another "I've Been To Titchwell" badge.

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