Thursday, 13 November 2014

A day that was not quite what I expected.

27th October 2014

The original plan was to go to Lynford Arboretum to see if any Crossbills or Hawfinches were about. After an hour walk around the site all I can say is that it was the quietest visit to this normally fantastic site that I have ever experienced, with not even a Goldcrest, Crossbill or Nuthatch calling. Even putting seed on the concrete pillar of the bridge by the lake only produced a rather reluctant Robin.

Time therefore to move on and the nearest site is Lakenheath Fen. Lakenheath is also likely to be quiet at this time of the year, but there is always the chance of some harriers, Bearded Tits and Bitterns. However, due to the unseasonably mild weather, most of the action was from the insect life with plenty of Small Tortoiseshells and Common Darters.

As I was walking back past New Fen a Bittern flew noisily from the reed bed uttering its low gutteral call suggesting that it had been disturbed, and judging by the Coot squealing in the same area might suggest the presence of an Otter which do occur here. But at that point the female of the pair of Marsh Harriers which seem to be based on New Fen rose out of the reeds and gave a few passes allowing the best shots of the day.

Not quite the sort of day that I expected when I set out this morning, but a superb day nevertheless.

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