Monday, 24 February 2014

The Lodge in February

7th February 2014

Another visit to see if there was any activity on the Raven front. Once again I made my way up to the fort but not a single cronk from a Raven or chip from a Crossbill. In fact not a sound from any bird at all. So back to the Meadow Hide to see if things were improving there.

There was still a constant stream of tits visiting the feeders including these Long-tails, Great and Coal Tit which all too frequently would fly straight to the feeder rather than posing first on a branch, but I did manage to grab a couple of shots. The Coal Tit was the most gratifying as they are very fast in and out to the feeders and this is probably the best I have achieved so far.

But the main difference today was the appearance of a couple of Lesser Redpolls, Unfortunately, unlike last year, they didn't come down to the pond to drink, but did come on to the closest feeders. The female was reward enough but the glorious male coming into his crimson finery for the breeding season was magnificent.

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