Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Amwell Muntjacs

10th February 2014

During a brief respite between storms and heavy rain I took the opportunity to pop down to Amwell to look at the water levels. The water gauge in front of the viewpoint reads 0.56m when the water is just at the top of the sluice but not overflowing. Today it read 0.66m and therefore the water would have been overflowing the sluice by 0.1m or 4". However, if you looked over to the White Hide there was water weed hanging off the fence and a "tide-line" on the gravel in front of the hide 0.3 m above today's water level. Therefore when the water was at its highest it would have been overflowing the sluice by 0.4m or 16".

Very quiet from the viewpoint so I made my way down to the James Hide. As I sat there having some lunch I noticed a brown movement on the left hand edge of the ride. I picked up my camera hoping for a Bittern to step out of the reeds, but it turned out to be a doe Muntac. She gingerly picked her way across the ride and, just as she reached the other side, the buck emerged following her. What a magnificent animal.

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