Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sedge Warbler Thinks It's a Hobby

27th June 2013

I was still at Oare Marshes and took a stroll down the road to join a small group of birders scanning the pools. However, on the way I was distracted by a Sedge Warbler in full song from the top of a bush. I approached very carefully, snapping away as I went, and eventually got within 10 yards allowing some really good shots.

However, what I witnessed then was bizarre. A Blue-tailed Damselfly was drifting across the bushes minding its own business and obviously totally oblivious to the presence of the Sedge warbler which could not believe his luck. Just follow his eyes.

How about that for a nice juicy meal without even leaving your perch. He had obviously been watching the Hobbys that hunt over the marshes.

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