Saturday, 13 July 2013

Another Flycatcher

3rd July 2013

I had heard rumours of another Spotted Flycatcher frequenting yet another churchyard, but apparently elusive which is quite unusual. So, in a spare couple of hours, I paid a visit to try my luck.

On arrival at the site, a quick scan of the gravestones yielded a blank, as did a circuit of the church and its various pinnacles, flying buttresses and gargoyles. It wasn't looking very hopeful. I therefore had just one more walk down the graveyard and there, sitting in full view on one of the gravestones was a flycatcher. I managed to get a couple of shots before it flew off.

I waited another hour for it to reappear, especially now that the dull day had given way to sunshine, but without luck. The fact that this was a lone bird would hopefully suggest that the female was sitting on eggs and not necessarily in the churchyard, but when the young fledged there was a high probability that they would be brought to the churchyard to do a spot of fly-catching from the gravestones. I'll be back.

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