Friday, 17 May 2013

A Trip to the North Norfolk Coast

30th April 2013

After a breakfast pit stop at a very quiet Lynford Arboretum, Stuart and I headed off for Cley Marshes. As is usual at this time of year the Avocet monoculture had taken over with most other waders being seen off, so the variety was fairly poor and is likely to remain so until the autumn. Some of the Avocets were quite close and were fairly active providing some opportunities for some action shots.

By now we had exhausted the birds from the hides and started our way back along the boardwalk to go to the beach. A female Kestrel was hovering overhead and provided an ideal subject against a blue sky. Actually, taking photos of birds overhead is very tricky as you tend to fall over backwards. The best idea, provided you have time, is to lie flat on your back, but I didn't fancy lying on a boardwalk covered in broken chicken wire. I therefore took my chance and survived to tell the tale.

As we got back to the bridge a Sedge Warbler was sunning itself on the side of its bramble bush and allowed a shot before being scared off by some other rather unobservant visitors.

Next stop was the beach but sadly without the chance of a cup of tea in Arkwright's cafe, which had to be demolished after a bad storm made it unsafe. Fortunately, the shelter with seats survived and the Swallows are still nesting each year on the beams that have been installed inside. One of the adults was sitting in the sun on the orange pan-tiled roof.

Well, that is Cley finished, so now back in the car and off to Titchwell.


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