Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Rainham With Rosemary

2nd April 2013

Another visit to Rainham but this time with cousin Rosemary, and as before we diverted to Ferry Lane to see what was on the shore-line. The tide was out revealing acres of mud, much to the enjoyment of the local Shelducks. This cracking drake with the red knob above the bill was looking resplendent in his full breeding plumage.

A scan along the rocks of the sea defences soon revealed one of the female Black Redstarts, displaying amazing camouflage against the rocks.

Then on to the reserve itself. Still quiet with high water levels and no migrants and, as before, no sign of the the usually resident peregrines. Just a lone female Kestrel hovering over the Aveley Pools which then took a well earned rest on one of the pillars by the railway.

On the way back, instead of completing the circuit, we went through the turnstile on to the sea wall. The tide was still out so no sign of any pipits, but a movement in the bushes by the upper sea wall caught our eye. It was a Chiffchaff busying itself amongst the brambles, but it did come to the edge once or twice for some photos. Nobody knows whether this is an over-wintering bird or a new arrival.

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