Monday, 22 April 2013

A Bittern is Lurking

I was at the Amwell viewpoint watching a Bittern sitting in the sun in one of the bays cut into the reeds on the opposite bank. Nothing too unusual there as they often like a spot of sunbathing on the rare occasions that the sun decides to appear. But then it moved slowly back into the reeds heading in the direction of the White Hide. Time for action.

I bid my farewells to the other birders at the viewpoint and scorched round to the White Hide and waited for the Bittern to appear. After a minute or so it was in sight, although fairly well obscured, making its way through the reeds just 15 yards from the window. At times its presence was only given away by the movement and rustling of the reeds.

Most of the time it was hidden, but there was one spot where it had to break cover to move to the other side of a muddy channel.

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