Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Bramfield Hawfinches

A couple of winters ago, Hawfinches could be seen high in the trees in Bramfield churchyard, and it was never clear whether these were resident or migrant birds. I don't recall any being reported last winter, but this year they have returned. I arrived on site at 12.30pm and took up position under the tall trees by the gate. It wasn't until 1.15 pm that three birds flew in from the Old Rectory gardens opposite and settled high in the trees above me. Photography was very difficult as they were high up and against a sky background. They only stayed for 20 seconds and then flew back across the road. I did at least manage to get a record shot. Could these be the same birds, and where are they for the rest of the year?

I waited to see if they would return, but I was distracted by the chip, chip call of a Nuthatch coming from the Old Rectory grounds. The bird duly appeared and flew up into a large tree and started searching for food in  the bark. OK, not as rare as a Hawfinch, but far more obliging from a photography perspective.

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