Saturday, 15 December 2012

An Unexpected Photo at Amwell

I was on my way to the Amwell viewpoint and as I walked up the track toward the Lee Navigation bridge I could see fellow photographer Andrew Chu by the towpath fence with his camera trained on the tree above me. As I joined him he pointed out a Kestrel that was previously hovering over the field allowing Andrew some opportunities, but was now settled in the tree. The light wasn't brilliant but it was too good an opportunity to miss.

What I hadn't realised was that Andrew had seized another photo opportunity, resulting in probably one of his best ever shots, which I am sure he will be uploading to his Flickr site and entering in all the most prestigious photographic competitions.

Are you ready for this?

And it has been very well received in the birding fraternity, attracting a number of comments:

"Must admit I've seen lots in this plumage, most recently associating with Waxwings, often seen at Amwell, and I believe Mersea Island in Essex!" 

Laurence Drummond
"Nice and sharp image but plumage a bit scruffy."

Mike Ilett

"Just a shame the subject hadn't preened itself first!!!!!!!"

Alan Harris 

But the most discerning, unbiased and insightful comment came from nature photographic expert Iain Petrie who wrote:

"And who am I to disagree? To capture a beauty like this in its natural environment is quite an achievement."

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