Friday, 10 August 2012

The Fowlmere Boardwalk

Aren't boardwalks fantastic? Usually built across marshland or reed beds over water they allow access to areas where it would not normally be possible. At Fowlmere the boardwalk starts just 200 yards from the car park and weaves its way through the reed bed proving stunning views of the inhabitants.

Another advantage of boardwalks is that, as they are usually exposed to the sun, they get warm and attract reptiles and insects which like to bask in the sun on the warm boards. Fowlmere was no exception and I soon came across my first subject, a Ruddy Darter.

Ruddy Darters are very similar to Common Darters but are more crimson than orangey-red, have a "waisted" abdomen and jet black legs as opposed to the brown legs of a Common Darter. A little further along the boardwalk where it was grass-lined there were a number of common Lizards all soaking up the sun.

But the stars of the show were the main residents, the Reed Warblers. There were many young birds in the reeds calling for food and therefore the parents were kept busy bringing beakful after beakful of insects to satisfy their appetite.

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