Monday, 6 August 2012

A Day at Titchwell

I went to Titchwell in July 2011 just three weeks after I had bought my camera. The reserve conditions, weather and light were superb and I took over 800 shots which took three days to sort through. Some of the results, so early in my career, were amazing. So, after several weeks of rain, I jumped at the chance of going back again when they forecast a sunny day.

Unfortunately, although the weather was as predicted, the water levels on the fresh marsh were a little higher than last year so that there was no exposed mud in front of the Island Hide. I therefore decided to make my way to the beach. The attraction of Titchwell is that although it is primarily a wetland habitat, it attracts several other "land" species as exemplified by the Wren that was loudly proclaiming its presence from the top of a fence post on the salt marsh.

Further along the track to the beach a number of Sky Larks were picking up gravel from the dusty path to help them with their digestion. If you approached slowly and quietly they were quite confiding.

I eventually arrived at the beach but, as it was high tide, there were virtually no waders on the beach, just a few rather skittish Sanderling. However, just beyond the old pill-box, which was almost entirely submerged, I could see something amongst the swell. A quick look through the bins revealed that it wasn't a bird at all but a Grey Seal. These are quite common along this coast and this particular individual could have come from one of the colonies in the Wash or at Blakeney Point.

While I was on the beach trying to decide the plan for the rest of the day, a Black-headed Gull landed just a few feet way in the hope that I had some spare food. I don't normally bother too much with gulls but this particular individual was irresistible.

On the return leg back to the car I had a little better luck with some waders. The waders, a Ruff and a Spotted Redshank were best viewed from the Island Hide and, although not as close an you would like, presented a couple of opportunities which on a day like this are not too be missed.

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