Monday, 30 April 2018

Nightingales at Fingringhoe Wick

17th April 2018

Time for our annual visit to see the Nightingales at Fingringhoe Wick. We normally go at this time of the year as when the birds first arrive and have settled in a few days they are very vocal and can often be seen quite well in the leaf-less bushes, sometimes even sitting on top. This is one from the same time last year.

However, this year the situation was quite different. The cold winter had seemed to delay the arrival of the birds as there were only a few birds present and they were certainly not in full song making it more difficult to track them down. Also, they were far more skulking, singing from deep inside the bushes which were indeed leaf-less, but hidden behind a multitude of twigs.

Here are the results on what turned out to be a rather cloudy day.

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