Monday, 12 March 2018

Hawfinches at Hatfield Forest

25th February 2018

There have been Hawfinches at Hatfield Forest ever since the invasion earlier in the winter, but they are now building up in numbers and are currently running at 70+. I had never been to the forest before and the first thing I learned was to make sure you take a member of the National Trust with you as the car park is a staggering £6.

Earlier in the morning the flock had been feeding under some Hornbeams close to the car park, but the arrival of an army of dog walkers caused them to move to another area leaving just three birds sifting the leaf litter under a solitary Hornbeam. Luckily the tree in question was away from the main footpath so the birds were fairly settled and allowed us to approach to within photographic range for a few record shots.

I hope to get back for another try, but this time it will definitely be a weekday!!

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