Thursday, 1 February 2018

A Day in the Wilds of Hemel Hempstead

26th January 2018

A nice sunny day so what better way to spend it than a day in wildest Hemel Hempstead. Today's adventure started on the banks of the River Bulbourne, a chalk stream that flows through grassy meadows at Boxmoor. After the recent heavy rains the ground was quite soggy which was ideal for the pair of Mistle Thrushes.

A lone female Kestrel was also interested in the marshland, and was scouring the ground for movement from its lofty perch............

...............while the Red Kite adopted a different strategy and combed the area in total silence on outspread wings.

Eventually our patience paid off and were rewarded by the appearance of a female Kingfisher which was staring into the depths of the fast-running water from some bank-side vegetation. It was not possible to get any closer, probably due to the combination of us standing in the middle of a field and it not being use to humans. Therefore time to relocate to a bustling street in the centre of Hemel Hempstead where we merged into the crowd and the Kingfishers see people every day.

There have been three Kingfishers present here, but today there was just a single male which was more intent on fishing than worrying about what we were up to, and therefore provided some excellent opportunities for some close-ups.

What an incredible day.

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