Monday, 8 January 2018

Parrot Crossbills in Broxbourne Woods

19th December 2017

This winter has seen an invasion of Parrot Crossbills with flocks of up to 20 birds being found in Suffolk, Norfolk and Berkshire. However, on the 18th December Barry Reed was in Broxbourne Woods when he came across three Parrot Crossbills, two males and a female, feeding in the pines just south of Monks Green. I was in Cambridgeshire at the time, but next morning went down there to join a dozen or so birders to enjoy these birds, a new species for Hertfordshire.

The lone female was nowhere near as photogenic as the two males and was out of view for much of the time, but I did manage to get a few shots.

However the males, apart from being far more photogenic, were more obliging and were on view for most of the time, and what better backcloth than blue sky and pine needles?

Just look at that bill!!!!

Just to think that I have spent the last three weeks travelling around Norfolk, Surrey and Berkshire to photograph Parrot Crossbills and then three turn up just 2.25 miles, as the Parrot Crossbill flies, from my house!!!

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