Saturday, 28 October 2017

The Rainham Marshes Spoonbill Revisited

22nd October 2017

I visited Rainham Marshes on the 19th October to photograph the Spoonbill, but the sunny spells never materialised resulting in all the photos being taken in very poor light. So having inexplicable confidence in today's weather forecast I set off again, timing my arrival to coincide with the arrival of the blue sky. Well, at least I got that right.

No Goldfinches today but on the Purfleet Scrape four Curlews and a Teal were having a nap over the high tide.

Back at Aveley Pools the Spoonbill was actively feeding on the far side, so no closer, but this time was illuminated by the sun which made all the difference.

After a while the Spoonbill flew back to its island and inadvertently scared the life out of this female Mallard as can be seen in the following sequence.

Feeding over for a while so back to sleep apart from that odd occasion when you are disturbed by all the other birds on the pool being spooked.

So, same bird, same range, but what a difference the sun makes!!!!

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