Sunday, 2 July 2017

Turtle Doves at Fowlmere

30th June 2017

Time for another visit to try and photograph the elusive Turtle Dove. I walked the entire circuit in an anti-clockwise direction and did indeed see the usual Turtle Dove sitting in its usual dead tree, but it was so distant and the light wasn't go to help so I didn't even take the lens cover off. The only obliging subject was this Linnet which posed on a Hawhorn bush by the track to the Reed Bed Hide.

So I decided to cut my losses and spend the two hours in the Drewer Hide hoping that the Turtle Dove singing in the bushes nearby would put in an appearance. I have sat in this hide for hours over the years and it has never really lived up to expectations. Today was also quiet, until the peace was interrupted by the magnificent Catalina flying boat which flew right over the hide.

I then caught a movement out of the corner of my eye and there, standing in a small clearing at the edge of the reed bed, was this beautiful Fallow Deer. It was looking straight at me trying to work out what and where I was as it could hear the camera but not see me.

The next visitors to this otherwise normally quiet area were this male Green Woodpecker and a Jay, probably the most large birds I have ever seen here!!

But the primary objective today was the Turtle Dove and after a long wait my patience was eventually rewarded as the bird flew acros the stream and landed in full view in a small tree at the edge of the reed bed. I just love it when a plan comes together.

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