Monday, 31 July 2017

Hobbys at The Lodge

19th July 2017

Once again a pair of Hobbys have bred successfully at the The Lodge Sandy using the same old crow nest in a Scots Pine as last year. There were apparently three chicks recently hatched, although only two were visble when we were there.

Sadly the sunny spells that were forecast for 11.00am never materialised and in fact during the afternoon there were a few spots of rain, so basically the light was pretty poor for most of the day. The chicks must have been fed some fairly large prey items recently, because they were not fed at all during the morning with the adults just sitting around.

Here are both birds in the same tree.

There was a little flying now and again but the main excitement was reserved for when a family of five Ravens flew over with the last bird getting a rather warm reception from one of the Hobbys, an absolute dogfight. It was worth coming just for that.

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