Monday, 17 July 2017

A Couple of Hours with the Spotted Flycatchers at Wallington

10th July 2017

When I last visited the Spotted Flycatchers at Wallington on the 9th June they were still building their nest and bringing more nest material every few minutes. I therefore calculated, taking into account finishing the nest, laying the eggs, hatching and fledging, that they would fledge on or around the 14th July.

I wanted to get some more photos close to fledging as the feeding activity for full grown young would be very hectic with lots of opportunities for some shots. However, if I waited until after fledging there would be more birds to photograph, but they might move position and be out of sight.

However, it all worked out OK as the young were still in the nest and the adults were bringing in an endless stream of insects which was great for photography. Here are the results.

What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!!

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