Sunday, 5 March 2017

Water Pipit at Rainham Marshes

16th February 2017

The weather wasn't forecast to brighten up until late morning but still time for a trip to Rainham Marshes. On my last visit the Purfleet Hide was full of activity quite close in, but today everything was down the far end. However, a careful scan with the bins did reveal a small party of Snipe well concealed in some dead vegetation on one of the small islands.

On the trail by the Butts Hide this female Kestrel was saving her energy. Instead of all that wing-aching hovering over the grassland, she decided to sit on a post and just look down into the grass for a tasty morsel. Then, if nothing was seen, she would merely hop to the next post. Because of the concentration required she was totally oblivious to my presence.

Then on to the Ken Barrett Hide where the vegetation has been cleared from the islands. Still looking fairly bare and not yet attracting too many birds, but on this occasion the one bird that was enjoying the food on one of the muddy banks was this Water Pipit, and was the only pipit that I had seen all day. Well that was a bonus!

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