Monday, 13 March 2017

Red Kites at Watlington Hill

2nd March 2017

Time for another visit to Watlington Hill in Oxfordshire to photograph the majestic Red Kites. From the car park we walked the short distance to the hill and could immediately see a number of kites wafting around in the sky with heads downwards looking for tasty morsels on the slope.

They may all disappear for a short period but then up to 10 will reappear just as quickly, and fly within 15-20 yards, more than filling the frame. The sun was in and out, but after a while I only bothered to lift my camera when the sun was out and the birds were within 30-40 yards. Even then I took 1600 shots which, as most were of reasonable quality, took ages to sift through.

Here are the results.

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